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North Wales Diary Discussion: July 2015 nothing to write home about!

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Contribution from John Richards 11 August 2015, 09:54top / bottom of page
Self-sowing Roscoea cautleyoides

I did a double-take when I saw your picture of self-sowing Roscoea cautleyoides purple form as I thought for a moment it had been taken in my own garden! The scene looks exactly the same, down to the plants emerging from a wall of shrubbery (Hydrangea paniculata with me)and sowing into a gravel path over a low rock wall. Is the site north-facing? It is with me, and I find that, although invasive, it is also choosy and very limited in its niche, requiring well-drained, spartan but semi-shaded locations. It is difficult to be sure, but I think your Celmisia is C. du-rietzii. C. viscosa has shiny, very sticky leaves.

Sorry, I meant C. prorepens, not C. viscosa. Senior moment!

Contribution from John Good 11 August 2015, 20:33top / bottom of page

Hi John, Yes, the bed where the roscoea is seeding prolifically is as you describe and N. facing!! The only other roscoea that seeds for me, but much less freely, in the same bed, is R. beesiana.

Thanks for the ID for the celmisia, I expect you are right

Contribution from John Richards 16 August 2015, 16:24top / bottom of page

Thats really weird as R. beesiana is surely a hybrid and appears to be sterile here, at least I have never seen a fruit set. Its enormously vigorous here. I featured one of our clumps (unnamed) in my past entry.



Contribution from John Good 17 August 2015, 22:19top / bottom of page

Well, it may not be R. beesiana, which as you say is a supposed hybrid, between R. cautleyoides and R.auriculata I believe, but as I got it many years ago and the label is long gone, I am dealing in memories rather than facts! It is certainly vigorous, rather untidy in fact, and the flowers are rather small in relation to the size of the plant, and a pale lemon yellow with some pink at the bases of the petals as the flower ages. It has not seeded for a year or two and I don't have any offspring to check whether they show evidence of hybridity, so not much to go on really...

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