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North Wales Diary Discussion: July 2014

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Started by: John Richards

seed collection

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Seed collection

Thank you John for your detailed account of how you collect and store seed. You seem to go about it in very much the same way as me, although possibly with one exception. I find it is useful to have to hand a collection of large A4 manilla envelopes (used of course!). Material which is nearly ripe, or is shedding, is then placed in the open packet upside down, and left on the window-sill of the back porch for a few days (good especially for wet seed). At the end of this time, the seed has usually fallen to the bottom of the packet. It is then tipped onto a sheet of plain white paper I always keep on the table there, the chaff removed and the seed packeted.

Like you, clean seed is then immediately removed to the 'fridge where it stays until used or distributed. I find this is vital; a 'cool dry place' as often recommended is not good enough.

Goodness, has Campanula cochlearifolia returned to C. pusilla after all this time?  At least it is shorter!


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