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North Wales Diary Discussion: Introduction to our garden

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This is the first posting in a new monthly diary describing our garden on the North Wales coast

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Contribution from Margaret Young 09 January 2013, 16:01top / bottom of page

Your gardening philosophy is one of considerable sense, John.

I must admit that I have no experience whatsoever of Wales so your diary will prove of interest. I am already engaged by your photo of the view to the sea!

Contribution from John Good 09 January 2013, 20:24top / bottom of page
Thanks Maggie!

Contribution from John Richards 15 January 2013, 15:18top / bottom of page

Welcome to diarying, John! Keep at it! New Years Resolution! And what a contrast with this part of the world (Northumberland). We are having quite a normal sort of winter here, not at all hard, and I grow all except one of the subjects you show in riotous bloom, but none of them are in flower or even bud yet, apart from 'Jacqueline Postill' which should open during next week. Its a change to hear about tropical gardening!!

Contribution from John Good 23 January 2013, 19:50top / bottom of page

Thanks for your encouragement, John, I'll try to keep the contributions coming but there is no way I can begin to match your constancy. As far as climate is concerned, our stretch of the N. Wales coast is often known as the N. Wales Riviera, or less respectfully by locals as the Costa Geriatrica - of which I gather there are many around the world!

Contribution from Val Keegan 17 February 2013, 14:15top / bottom of page

Well done - will enjoy following this! Interested to hear that I can prune my ' Jacqueline Postill' had read somewhere that you should not prune it. Great. Good luck

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