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North Wales Diary Discussion: August 2016

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Started by: John Richards

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Contribution from John Richards 03 September 2016, 11:25top / bottom of page

Fantastic Origanum rotundifolium John! As you know I featured a few origanums from Wisley in my last contribution and none of them was anything like as good. I have found Sempervivella alba very tender here in Northumberland, whereas Sedum trollii and Rosularia sempervivum are bone hardy. Even some of the Canarian aeoniums seem hardier than the Sempervivella.

Contribution from John Good 09 September 2016, 20:59top / bottom of page
Sempervivella alba

I must say I had never even considered that Sempervivella alba might not be hardy, although given its low altitude (500-880 m) occurrence from Kashuir to Himachal Pradesh I probably should have done.... Aeoniums seem to be pretty hardy here too, I know of them from several gardens on the N. Wales coast, though not further inland, but that may be because people living there have assumed they would not be hardy. All in all the old gardening adage, 'don't believe what the books say' is a pretty good general guide in my opinion, I tend to givb most supposedly tender things a try outside here and am often surprised - see the attached photo of my Lapageria rosea growing unprotected on a fence, in full flower now.

Sempervivella alba

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