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North Wales Diary Discussion: A cold and dreary March

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Contribution from Tim Ingram 03 April 2015, 10:39top / bottom of page

Enjoyed a look at those plants John. We grow Narcissus pannizianus outside successfully and it self-sows, as do Galanthus ikariae and Hyacinthella azurea (which I still think of as a Muscari, along with Muscari pseudomuscari, itself a good example of the fluidity of names). We also grow a good number of Hellebore species, and even if these are less popular with gardeners it seems quite important that gardeners grow them simply to retain a link with the botanical world out there! The dark form is very striking. Are all polygalas so long flowering? We certainly find this with P. calcarea in a sand bed even though this grows in very different conditions than P. chamaebuxus. It must flower for six or seven weeks or more and self-sows reliably on the sand bed.

Contribution from John Good 03 April 2015, 11:15top / bottom of page

As soon as I read John Rs current blog on narcissi in Andalucia I realized that I had spoken about N. Panizzianus as N. papyraceus, apologies for that! 

Contribution from Tim Ingram 03 April 2015, 12:32top / bottom of page

I was going to say née papyraceus if that's not too abotanical! (though it sounds as though it may the other way round?). Although I have John Blanchard's book I have never grown enough Narcissus (or ever seen them in the wild) to begin to pin down names more accurately, and even when you read someone else's experiences closely it still doesn't properly filter through without actually seeing the plants or growing them. I must admit to getting a little lost, but still fascinated, by John's description of Narcissus in habitat. Would be nice to grow more of these, and its especially interesting to know more of their specific habitats. John Blanchard describes pannizianus as a smaller and slenderer version of papyraceus and says it grows well in a sunny spot against a wall, so it could probably be much more widely grown if more gardeners tried it.

Contribution from John Richards 06 April 2015, 17:10top / bottom of page
Narcissus cordubensis

Yes, Tim, if you found my account confusing, you will gather how confused as I was! Nevertheless, with more guidance and reading I am becoming a little more confident, not least because no-one had yet come back and said 'you're wrong about.......'. This gives me the misplaced chutzpah to ask, John's 'N. cordubensis' (very nice by the way) looks just like the Ubrique road plant I am calling N. cerrolazae, lobed corona and all. Is this now its correct name?

Contribution from Margaret Young 07 April 2015, 18:50top / bottom of page
Narcissus taxonomy

The taxonomy of Spanish Narcissus is something that is much discussed in the SRGC Forum - we are fortunate to have input from Spanish members with first-hand knowledge of the plants in habitat.  This paper of the description of Narcissus cerrolazae  by J.F.Ureña may be of interest :





Contribution from John Good 08 April 2015, 20:30top / bottom of page
Narcissus cordubensis ?

Here is a close-up of my plant, which as you will see has clearly lobed coronas and therefore should probably be called N. cerrolazae rather than N. cordubensis - what fun!!

Narcissus cordubensis ?

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