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Midland Diary Discussion: narcissus germination

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Started by: anne wright

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Contribution from anne wright 02 February 2009, 16:46top / bottom of page

I was very interested (in everything!) in your report of Narcissus romieuxii mesatlanticus germinating in 4 weeks. In my experience, narcissus seeds tend to germinate at the same time as the leaves appear on the mature plants. Have you a secret method of germinating them quickly?

Contribution from Diane Clement 02 February 2009, 17:28top / bottom of page

Hi Anne I've just checked back in my records that I didn't make a mistake somewhere, but it is OK. They were sown 2/5/04, germinated 5/6/04, that's nearly 5 weeks by my reckoning. By germination, I usually mean something showing at the surface, it's only with cyclamen that I've looked further. Now I'm tempted! I've looked back at other figures I have for Narcissus germination and when I have sown in the autumn or winter, they often germinate in April or May. That suggests they need warmth to germinate. Deno hasn't done much with Narcissus, he only quotes for garden hybrids that they are cold germinators. I'm not sure that's relevant here. When do you usually sow? I'm know you have vastly more experience with Narcissus than me. The particular pot clearly did move on fast as they were repotted the next year (which I don't normally do with bulbs). They flowered for the first time last year (at 4 years old, nothing special) and the pot is just starting into flower now (the bud showing all anthers in the yellow bud section)

Contribution from anne wright 01 March 2009, 21:22top / bottom of page

Sorry about the long delay . I always sow my narcissus seeds as soon as ripe and put them outside in a lightly shaded frame. I've never had any germination before early the following year. It's very interesting that there is this disparity - I wonder why?

Contribution from Diane Clement 01 March 2009, 21:50top / bottom of page

Iím not sure thereís a disparity, probably just different situations. If you tend to sow narcissus seed when ripe, thatís summer I suppose or early autumn? I think seeds of most species are programmed not to germinate immediately they are sown so most seed is unlikely to come up before the new year. What month do your narcissus tend to germinate? I have sometimes had a few come through early in the new year, but most of mine come through in April of May, regardless of when sown. There are bound to be other variables in our situations which are difficult to account for, unless sown in laboratory conditions. Perhaps some more experimentation is called for?

Contribution from anne wright 09 March 2009, 19:41top / bottom of page

Ah, I think I misunderstood and thought you sowed them as soon as ripe, as I do, then they germinated very quickly.

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