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Midland Diary Discussion: 22 September 2009

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Started by: Diane Clement

Midland Diary No 18 - The nights draw in

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Contribution from Diane Clement 23 September 2009, 20:27top / bottom of page

Shorter Autumn days are with us and the garden is full of colchicums and berries - some attractive, but not always desirable.

 My new diary entry discusses this:

 Please add any comments here in this discussion thread. Thanks!


Contribution from Elizabeth Maddock 23 September 2009, 23:46top / bottom of page

It was interesting to read about berries in the garden, as I have just read in the Alpine Gardener about extracting seed from berries in Vic Asplands useful article. It is a messy job and one I have had the misfortune to experience as a seed packer, when presented with some very soggy berries. Vic's article is very valuable and I sincerely hope all would-be donors take note and his advice. The methods and equipment he uses are very familiar when I do my own seed extraction.

I have come across Phytolacca americana in Pennsylvania and was aware there, that it is invasive and poisonous, so was surprised to see your plants of Phytolacca. Then saw that they came from China and hoped that those are not so invasive, as you say they can be easily kept under control. The thing I remember about the P americana is its root system, which was awful to dig up as it went so far down.

Contribution from David Pilling 26 September 2009, 21:42top / bottom of page
vine weevils


How do you apply your Provado, by watering on, or by dunking the pots in a tray full.

I'm trying to think of the way that will apply the least to myself. I watered it on last time, and most of it poured out of the bottom of the pots.

I'm surprised there isn't some non-toxic liquid that one can dunk pots in to get rid of weevlies. Water works but they take a long time to drown - days.

Interesting tip I read - no idea if it works - is to put bulbs in a plastic bag with moth balls for a few days.

Better than my technique last year of leaving 100+ lily bulbs in water+washing up liquid for a few days, although that worked, to the extent the bulbs survived.

David Pilling

Contribution from Diane Clement 26 September 2009, 23:02top / bottom of page

Hi David

I don?t find Provado pours out the bottom as the recommended quantity is not very much - perhaps you are being over-generous?

I just follow the dilution instructions on the box. For all my cyclamen and primula, I use the granules, and first dilute 2 measures in 2 litres in a measuring jug. Then I use a small jug that holds 150 ml to decant. A 7cm pot needs 30ml so I just pour the contents of the small jug into 5 pots, equivalent quantity for larger pots. I get used to roughly how much is needed, and the small jug means I can?t go far wrong. I try and do all my cyclamen twice a year. Clearly I missed some C purpurascens last spring. It's the first time I have seen the grubs in a pot for several years, so I think Provado is pretty effective.

I also use the spray version of Provado which I find useful to have in my greenhouses, mainly for aphids etc. In the spring and summer I use this to spray on a monthly basis all crocus, narcissus, iris, lilies and anything else that is prone to virus.

Contribution from David Pilling 27 September 2009, 14:28top / bottom of page
vine weevils

Thanks, Diane, I'd never thought of methodically following the instructions and working out how much Provado a typical small pot needs.

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