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Midland Diary Discussion: 30 November 2010

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Started by: Diane Clement

Midland Diary No 35 - An early start to winter

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Contribution from Diane Clement 30 November 2010, 22:30top / bottom of page

Our snowfall can't compete with those in Scotland and the North East of England but it does look quite pretty.

Click here to see:

Diary Entry No 35 - An early start to winter

Contribution from David Pilling 01 December 2010, 22:13top / bottom of page

No snow at Blackpool, and min temp -3C. I've adopted the coping strategy of putting a couple of buckets of hot water in the greenhouse at night. The laws of thermodynamics are against this having much effect but don't need a big one here. I'm hoping Winter 9/10 killed anything likely to be.

David Pilling

Contribution from John Richards 13 December 2010, 16:47top / bottom of page

Diane, I just lurve your thermometers! I expect everyone else has them too, but for old fashioned mercury dependent me, do you know who makes them and how much they cost?

Contribution from Diane Clement 13 December 2010, 20:49top / bottom of page

John I have several max min thermometers of similar design, i.e with two sensors, so you can measure two temperatures at once. We have one in our kitchen with the probe outside so we can always see the outside temperature, as well as one in each greenhouse with the probe in the sand plunge. I think the last one I got was made by West Meters (not to be confused with Two Wests who made all my staging). This has a clear and simple design and both displays are visble at once. They're available on line and I think some garden centres also stock them.  Here's an example:

Contribution from John Richards 15 December 2010, 11:50top / bottom of page

Thanks Diane, I just have ordered two! They are 11.03 each without postage.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 15 December 2010, 17:15top / bottom of page

Looks like you bought the last 2 John! Diane's link now goes straight to a 'sorry out of stock' page. Any other sources?

Contribution from Diane Clement 15 December 2010, 18:29top / bottom of page

Try here


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