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Midland Diary Discussion: 15 March 2010

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Started by: Diane Clement

Midland Diary No 24 - In like a lion

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Contribution from Diane Clement 16 March 2010, 22:01top / bottom of page

March started with very cold weather - what will the end of the month bring?

Midland Diary No 24


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Contribution from Colin Dolding 17 March 2010, 00:16top / bottom of page

Fantastic coum images Diane. It certainly has been a good year for them (and still will be for a while to come judging by the quantity of buds on the self sown seedlings all over the front garden, many as you suggested in the most inconvenient places!)

Although it has been very cold this winter I do not appear to have lost any pot grown coum which has happened in the past.

The sun today has been warm but the wind is still cold and brisk, still only one butterfly seen in the garden. (Peacock 13th March).

Contribution from Margaret Young 17 March 2010, 12:46top / bottom of page

A delight to see your cyclamen doing so well, Diane. Your pure white 'Compton' is very exciting and looks to be growing well.

Sadly in our Aberdeen garden the coum are not terribly happy after the nasty winter weather, a state not helped by the fact that birds are nipping off the flowers!

We've only seen one butterfly so far as well, Colin: ours was a small tortoiseshell. But sunny days are happening more often, so there's hope!

Contribution from Shelagh Smethurst 28 March 2010, 13:38top / bottom of page

Lovely pictures Diane. We have a tiny C. Meadens Crimson and it looked very much like yours which is always a comfort that they are what they say on the seed packet.

Contribution from Diane Clement 29 March 2010, 20:54top / bottom of page

Thanks for all your comments.

No butterflies here yet, but the frogs have started croaking in the pond. About 2 weeks later than usual, I think.

Seedlings of Cyclamen are always exciting, no way of knowing what will happen! Of course, some cultivars breed truer than others. Meaden's Crimson seems quite reliable from seed - dark flowers and dark green un-patterned leaves. Some cultivars only give a small percentage of true to type, and unless you are careful, a stray bee can bring in pollen from another plant. I have just self-pollinated my albino coum "Compton Ice" this weekend. I had previously separated it from all my other coums to avoid any chance of cross fertilisation. I had a job getting any pollen from it, in spite of putting it in a warm place. I'm not sure yet whether it has set seed, and now all the petals have dropped.

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