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Midland Diary Discussion: 13 March 2009

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Started by: Diane Clement

Midland Diary no 8 - Crocuses in the garden

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Contribution from Luc Gilgemyn 19 March 2009, 16:13top / bottom of page

Very promising start Diane - it will be interesting to see how quick/slow things evolve in the forthcoming years. I agree with you that Negro boy does look a bit "out of character" amongst it's neighbours. I'd love some Crocusses in the lawn myself, but I am reluctant to plant some because of the 6 weeks the leaves (and the lawn)have to remain uncut after flowering...

Contribution from Diane Clement 19 March 2009, 18:29top / bottom of page

Hi Luc, Another issues with Negro Boy is that it is proving to be the most vigorous (because of its vernus parentage, I suppose) so I am a bit reluctant to move it, certainly I shall leave it another year and see how it performs. Mowing the lawn is an issue, although I believe that crocuses are quicker than other genera in that respect, but yes, about 6 weeks was about right last year. They are just about finishing flowering now, but we are surprisingly dry here at the moment and could actually do with some rain. When rain is forecast, I shall give them a high potash feed.

Contribution from Cliff Booker 20 March 2009, 13:42top / bottom of page
Many thanks, Diane

Another excellent diary entry, Diane. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all your efforts on our behalves.

Contribution from Diane Clement 20 March 2009, 18:40top / bottom of page

Thanks for your comments, Cliff. A new blog will follow shortly, but not before the long awaited East Lancs show at its new venue of Whitworth Civic Hall this Saturday. Look forward to seeing you there

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