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Midland Diary Discussion: 15 June 2011

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Started by: Diane Clement

Midland Diary No 43 - Repotting hepaticas

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Contribution from Diane Clement 18 June 2011, 23:25top / bottom of page

I've just repotted all my hepaticas. See Diary Entry no 43 for more information

Diary Entry No 43 - Repotting hepaticas

Contribution from Judy Rhymes 22 June 2011, 22:17top / bottom of page

Thank you, Diane, for another interesting and informative entry.

I was wondering why you used Perlite in your compost mix, rather than grit or Vermiculite?

Also, would you use the same mix for sowing Hepatica seed - my Hepatica maxima have just ripened and I must get them sown very soon.

Contribution from Diane Clement 24 June 2011, 12:14top / bottom of page

Hi Judy

I use perlite mainly because of personal preference.  I think it's important to establish what's best for our own circumstances, for example what pots we use, what sun or shade your plants are exposed to, how much time we devote to watering, etc.  Personally I find that perlite seems to opens up the compost more than vermiculite, and round here it's more widely available. I'm very happy to use grit and often do, but over the last few years have moved more to perlite with woodsy type subjects as it keeps the compost light and well drained.  I'm sure vermiculite will work fine as well.

Yes I use the same mix for seed sowing. I've just harvested H maxima as well, a good month after all the other hepatica species. The seeds are most attractive in themselves, sort of ying-yang markings. I'd be interested to know how you get on when it germinates.

Contribution from Judy Rhymes 03 July 2011, 21:35top / bottom of page

Hi Diane

All seed now sown - I like the feel of the compost mix - it is so much lighter than my usual mix, so hopefully I will get good germination and actually keep these plants, I think my previous Hepatica seedlings did not have sufficient drainage.

Thank you for your help.

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