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Midland Diary Discussion: 28 August 2010

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Started by: Diane Clement

Midland Diary No 32 - Underground strategies

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Contribution from Diane Clement 30 August 2010, 10:21top / bottom of page

My new diary entry can be read by clicking here: 

Midland Diary No 32 - Underground strategies

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Contribution from Elizabeth Maddock 30 August 2010, 23:02top / bottom of page
Bulbs and Cyclamen

Hi Diane, it's the time of year for repotting,so I'm glad to see you are attending to your bulbs, I have not got round to mine yet, it's next on the list after the Primulas, seed collecting and processing.

Your Cyclamen are looking great, it's seems to be a very good year for C hederifolium, at least, as mine are flowering furiously, too, at the moment. Signs of life from C intaminatum, mirabile, africanum and even a few C coum leaves and shoots on C pseudibericum. One of the nicer things about Autumn.

Contribution from Colin Dolding 01 September 2010, 00:01top / bottom of page

Thank you for another interesting and informative entry. Do not know how many of mine will get potted on this year! Finally managed to get the orchid meadow cut and should be ready for baling tomorrow. Lovely sunny days at last although cold at night. (We had a slight ground frost last night down to 3.5C and it was still August!)

Cyclamen hed seem to be better than ever this year.

Keep up the seed collecting everyone!

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