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Kent Diary Discussion: The Rocky Flower Show, June 15th 2017

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Started by: John Richards

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Contribution from John Richards 27 June 2017, 15:22top / bottom of page
Tropaeolum majus 'Hermione Grashof'

Tim, thank you as always for your lovely report and appreciation of alpine individuals. In this context let me say that I am sure Derry Watkins is a very fine plantswoman, and it takes all sorts, thank God we are not all the same, but to my taste Tropaeolum majus 'Hermione Grashof' is arguably the most horrid plant I have ever seen!

Contribution from Tim Ingram 28 June 2017, 07:19top / bottom of page

I'm sure there are many more horrid ones John, and it's really not much different to a whole host of double flowers of all descriptions which have attracted gardeners for hundreds of years. But I take your point, it takes the eye off the world of alpines - but then much of horticulture does, and the great thing about Derry is her individuality! Here is another plant that you might appreciate more - though no more alpine - the white form of Geranium maderense. The particular reason I mentioned her, apart from the fact that she is a very stimulating plants-lady, has a great garden and collects and sells interesting seed, is that she invited Panayoti Kelaidis to come and speak in Bath and it fortuitously coincided with the time of the Easter Kent AGS Show, which meant he was able to come and speak at the Show too. My reasoning is that the more connections that the AGS Shows can make inside and outside the 'Alpine' world the more opportunity there is to attract a new gamut of gardeners to them and realise just how fascinating and worthwhile growing these plants is, once they see them grown so finely. I don't know if this is working or not - it would be interesting to hear more on the website about the various Shows and events the AGS holds, from the perspective of visitors. What strikes me about the Kent AGS Shows in particular (because this is where we live) is how they act as a real focus for so many knowledgeable gardeners and naturalists in Kent in a way which goes beyond the plants themselves, and that must be true at other Shows too.

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