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Kent Diary Discussion: - a few summer portraits

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Started by: Margaret Young

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Contribution from Margaret Young 10 July 2014, 10:49top / bottom of page

Interesting to see how some "less-hardy" plants are thriving inyour garden, Tim, as well as the tougher subjects. The combination of Origanum 'Kent Beauty' with Androsace lanuginosa is very pretty.

Gret too to see  plants doing so well which hark back to Archibald seed.


Sorry - meant great not gret! 

Contribution from Tim Ingram 10 July 2014, 19:05top / bottom of page

Thanks Maggi. I find it fascinating to see your's and Ian's garden unfolding through the year on Ian's log - how gardens differ so much in different places that suit different plants, but how similar they are too. However hard I try I am unable to view plants in isolation of each other even though they can be so beautiful standing on their own. My next Diary entry is about the American plantsman and farmer Claude Barr and the plants of the Great Plains. I never quite know how much these things capture the imagination and interest of those looking in because our two societies are so different in some ways and few people really speak about their gardening and the day to day culture of plants.

The pictures you showed of the Avalanche Lilies on the Forum are astonishing, and there is a similar one in an old book on Western American Alpines by Ira Gabrielson (published in 1932) - how incredible these plants are in their natural state!

(PS: I too find it frustrating not being able to correct my entries... always a need of an editor; but I am very grateful for the opportunity to write them).

Contribution from Margaret Young 10 July 2014, 21:06top / bottom of page

Thanks for that mention of the Gabrielson book, Tim - I've found it on Amazon.



Ian  just published his 600th Log this wednesday - written every single week since 2003 - we had Norwegian visitors today who said they felt they knew our garden from following it all that time. Exchanging garden ideas with people is such  huge pleasure - even if ( or perhaps because ?) one does discover that they are having a snail population explosion in Norway too. Comfort in a shared adversity!

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