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Kent Diary Discussion: 06 July 2015

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Contribution from John Richards 30 July 2015, 09:14top / bottom of page
Haut Chitelet

How interesting to see that this fine Vosges garden succeeds so well with Muscarioides primulas such as P. watsonii and P. muscarioides itself, not to mention P. reidii. I should have thought the summers would be too hot and dry but apparently not. I think the blue Mec is probably M. 'Lingholm', not least because it was most likely grown from seed.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 30 July 2015, 17:01top / bottom of page

Thanks John for the potential identity of the meconopsis. If we could grow these here we would have a strong following from local gardeners! (And they would keep coming back for more when they lost them!!). This summer has obviously been seriously dry in the Vosges and Philippe has shown pictures of the garden on the SRGC Forum with shading over vulnerable plants, which probably includes the primulas. In more average years rainfall is more consistant and I imagine diurnal temperature changes at altitude give cool nights too. A plant that grows very well at the Haut-Chitelet garden (and also at Lauteret) is Helichrysum milfordae, full of flower - it never seems to flower at all with us! (and certainly doesn't grow like this).

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