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Kent Diary Discussion: 11 January 2015

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... the Czech Gardens - Day 2

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Contribution from Jon Evans 12 January 2015, 17:58top / bottom of page

Another fascinating installment about the Czech gardens. Thank you Tim.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 13 January 2015, 10:50top / bottom of page

What struck me about this garden in particular, because it has been made more recently than many of the others, is the skill and craftsmanship behind growing plants well, which doesn't seem to me to be put across as much as it should be in the media. Gardens often seem to be put together in the short term for effect, not with any real underlying understanding of the plants. And neither are the plants really valued except almost as confectionary. It's not surprising that I should say this within a Society like the AGS, but wouldn't it be nice if something like this was displayed at Chelsea and more people might think of exploring the world of alpines and woodland plants in more detail. They look amazing in the garden setting like this, but it's not something that happens without a longer term view of plants and gardening.

Contribution from Yann DUPONT 02 February 2015, 17:40top / bottom of page

Tim thank you for sharing your trip in CZ. Martin Brejnik's rockeries are wonderful, it's well organised, right stones at the right place. 

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