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Kent Diary Discussion: 20 August 2015

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Some highlights of summer

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Contribution from John Good 02 September 2015, 21:27top / bottom of page

Some lovely plants Tim, and beautifully photographed. I particularly like the Hesperaloe which I have never seen before.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 03 September 2015, 07:42top / bottom of page

Thanks John - very many Yucca species are tough and hardy plants in the garden and Hesperaloe seems very similar apart from its very distinctive flowers. The nice thing is that all of these are easily raised from seed (sown with bottom heat or in the warmth of late spring/summer) so are easily experimented with in the garden along with related plants like Agave and Dasylirion. Our biggest success has been with Yucca whipplei, grown in deep sand, which was astonishing when it flowered several years ago. It's nice to see the origanums in your garden too - they look to grow well even if summer has been a bit lacking further north and west! (I know Keith and Rachel have grown quite a few Cistus and other Mediterranean plants at Aberconwy so N. Wales is probably warmer than it seems at times!). And I am especially fascinated by Brachyglottis insignis - we've never grown this but do grow a lot of S. Hemisphere species and it sounds as though it would suit our dry garden very well.

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