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Androsace: Past newsletters/ articles

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Started by: Lawrence Peet

Are the news

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Contribution from Lawrence Peet 19 July 2015, 08:33top / bottom of page

Apologies for the initial post, it was a little premature ! I wanted to know if the newsletters and articles of the former Androsace group are available on line?

Contribution from Rick Lambert 14 August 2015, 12:48top / bottom of page

Hi Lawrence,

I am searching around to see iof I can track down the publications.

Nice project for the winter would be to scan them in.

The Group was formed to oversee the introduction of the Asian and Chinese species being collected. The publications included other useful information.

Rick Lambert

Included is a picture of Androsace squarrosula - a recent collection and shows promise. This picture shows a small seedling with somewhat succulent leaves. It doesn't quite fit the description in The Androsace Book, but my main plant looks very good.

Collector: Vojtec Holubec

Contribution from Kathleen Swick 10 August 2018, 18:58top / bottom of page
Back Again

Hello.  A number of years ago I was a member of the Androsace Group (dare I say without belonging to AGS) thanks to the generosity of whoever was handling cash overseas group memberships at the time.  I was delighted by both the newsletters and the seed exchange.  Importing seeds into the U.S. became a marathon event with permits, etc., which we jointly mangaged the first year, but then we both faded away.  I had some outstanding plants from your seed exchange and some survived for a decade or so before succumbing to the climate-change midwinter thaws and rain that have become common in recent years in Anchorage, Alaska.  I have just finally became an AGS member, so I hope members of the Androsace Group are still active on the main boards.  Thank you to all of you who kept the group going so many years.

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