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Androsace: Is it an annual?

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Started by: Alan Jones

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Contribution from Alan Jones 17 July 2012, 16:51top / bottom of page

Is Androsace armeniaca var macrantha best treated as an annual? I have five or so plants, grown from the Androsace Group?s Seed Surplus, which have produced abundant seed. I am waiting for these to mature so they can be passed on to the Seed Exchange. In the meantime, however, it appears that the rosettes are gradually expiring. I grew these plants on from seed, sown on Feb 20/11, in Eric Jarrett?s high alpine compost, with a sprinkling of Humate and pinch of Viresco, as recommended in his article in The Alpine Gardener [Vol 79 No.2, June 2011]. They made rapid growth and flowered prolifically in late April/May this year, one gaining a first at our national Southport Show in May. Full development has taken place in little more than one year from sowing, which is the reason for my question. I have initiated a couple or inquiries but to no avail.

Contribution from Margaret Young 17 July 2012, 18:46top / bottom of page

This Androsace is usually a biennial. yours is acting to type.

Contribution from Rick Lambert 23 July 2012, 23:11top / bottom of page

Yes, biennial or monocarpic. Some of these types appear, in our climate/soils to show signs of going on another year, but it is usually an aberrant behavior.


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