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Androsace: How to stay close to your Androsace collection.

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Started by: Jan Fouquaert

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Contribution from Jan Fouquaert 29 December 2011, 16:55top / bottom of page
How to stay close to your Androsace collection.

In the morning when I wake up, I take a look out of my bedroome window and I see a little collection of Androsace.They are plunged in sand in stone pots and on my window-ledge, protected against birds bij metal wiring and slugs must travel 4 meter high to reach the plants. I'm much closer than the slugs. The plants almost never get wet, because the bedroom is pointed to the east (in my situation in Belgium the dry side) and the window-ledge is under the overhanging edge of the roof. This way I can follow their evolution every day. Yes, we are a strange breed....

How to stay close to your Androsace collection.

Contribution from Rick Lambert 02 January 2012, 16:45top / bottom of page

What a lovely idea Jan,

An Androsace 'Window Box' as they are called in this country.

I am familiar with Geraniums in France and a pendulous Dianthus in Slovenia, but never before have I come across Androsace.

To see my plants I have to go out in the cold across the wet grass to the Alpine house. At the moment Dionysia tapetodes in flower.

Rick Lambert

Contribution from Jan Fouquaert 03 January 2012, 17:59top / bottom of page

Thank you Rick,

Actually in this summer there were Geraniums (or Pelargonium, which is the right name, but everyone here calls them Geraniums too) on this very window-ledge. I'm sure some people passing by wonder what is growing there now in this 'Window Box'. They should join the AGS to know.

Nature is acting strangely, in my rock garden I have Saxifraga Haagii already flowering and a lot of seeds I have sown are germinating, like Androsace tangulashanensis (8 seedlings have come up) I have put the germinated seedlings also on this window-ledge, so when it starts freezing I can put them inside the bedroom. Even closer to my bed.

I must say I'm very sorry the Androsace Group has stopped its activities, but luckily the AGS provided a haven.

I you are interested, I have made a website about alpine plants, of course in Dutch, but there are pictures too.

Website :

Contribution from Rick Lambert 03 January 2012, 18:19top / bottom of page

Hi Jan,

Nice web site,

I meant to ask why you have wire netting over your Androsace. I guess protection from something.

I have Saxifraga burseriana 'Mangart' out in flower as well as several others with buds on.

Rick Lambert

Contribution from Jan Fouquaert 03 January 2012, 19:15top / bottom of page

I protect the plants against birds, I have encountered many times the problem : the plants are pulled out of their pots or spots in the rock garden, sometimes you find the plants and you can save them before they dry out, but mostly the root is torn off. The birds are especially fond of Androsace species. I don't know which birds do this and why ? Maybe pigeons ? A lot of birds live here, I have two dogs, so cats are not allowed in my garden and the birds prosper here. If they would let my plants prosper too ...

Contribution from Rick Lambert 16 January 2012, 15:53top / bottom of page

Hi Jan,

Sometimes I think it is moisture the birds want, but in some cases it is vine weevil larva.

I just wish they would replant the androsace afterwards.


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