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Androsace: Androsace ciliata

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Started by: Gerald M. Schneeweiss

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Contribution from Gerald M. Schneeweiss 04 September 2014, 12:06top / bottom of page

Dear all,

I am working on taxonomic and phylogeographic aspects of European Androsace for several years now (on and off), one aim being to produce a monograph of Androsace sect. Aretia (in its phylogenetic circumscription, i.e., including European A. sect. Aretia, N Asian A. triflora and the former segregates Vitaliana and Douglasia). Although a lot is known about members of this group (due to the works of A. Kress, Munich, and S. Kelso, Colorado), there are still some gaps. One of those concerns A. ciliata (an endemic of the Pyrenees), whose exact chromosome number is not known, but would be particularly interesting: this species likely is an allopolyploid derivative of a species with 2n = 40 and a species with 2n = 38 and thus should have 2n = 78 chromosomes, but the only available reports indicate 2n = c. 80. Hence,  I was wondering if any of you has this species in cultivation (preferably from a wild source) and/or could help out with seeds; our earlier attempts to grow this species (or at least to make it germinate, which would suffice for karyological studies) failed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,

Gerald Schneeweiss

Contribution from Rick Lambert 17 January 2015, 16:50top / bottom of page

No response yet to your request, Gerald.

I grow a collected form of A. ciliate which only makes small rosettes and dies after a couple of years leaving behind a few seedlings. It lacks any information about where it was collected. Let me know if I can help your work.

Rick Lambert

Sorry I grow Androsace ciliata. ( I made a spelling mistake)

Rick Lambert

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