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Androsace: Androsace at AGS Shows

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Started by: Rick Lambert

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Contribution from Rick Lambert 06 March 2012, 17:34top / bottom of page

Not many Androsace at the Spring show Harlow.

The only one to catch my attention was this superb cushion of Androsace vandellii shown by Alan and Janet Cook.

A few weeks back I was going to include on this part of the web site photos of Androsace putting up their buds. Bad weather delayed this but I did expect to see more on the bench.

Lets see what happens at Loughborough.

Contribution from Rick Lambert 12 March 2012, 14:01top / bottom of page

Not many Androsace on the benches at Loughborough, but one surprise.

First a beautifully well flowered Androsace ochotensis.

OK it was Androsace cilata, and so early in the year. Could there be a nice crop of seed in the AGS seed exchange. A. ciliata is not always a long lived plant and so the monster plant shows considerable cultivation skills. When planted outside I find it smaller than this and will self seed.

Now for the real Androsace ochotensis.

Shown by Geoff Rollinson.

Not an easy plant to grow and those of you living in the south will find it harder. It is a plant of Alaska and Siberia.

Rick Lambert

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Contribution from christopher lilley 16 March 2012, 19:07top / bottom of page

The 'monster' Androsace ciliata was grown by myself from seed sown 1.9.2008, from a plant I purchased from Aberconwy Nursery earlier that year. The parent plant now measures 20cm and hopefully will be placed on the show bench next week.

This is the early flowering form of A. ciliata and regularly flowers for me in South Yorkshire early to mid March. The flowers are smaller and the rosettes more compact than the form normally seen on the show bench.I prefer this form.

Seed is sparse and all seedlings apart from the photographed plant have been given away to friends.

Contribution from Rick Lambert 24 April 2012, 10:39top / bottom of page

The Midland Show turned out to be a 'feast time' for Androsace.

I offer these pictures with names as on the show bench.

Contribution from Rick Lambert 24 April 2012, 10:52top / bottom of page

A. villosa barbulata took the Farrer Medal for Lionel Clarkson.

A. muscoidea

Contribution from Paul Ranson 24 April 2012, 13:13top / bottom of page

Although Lionel had some fantastic Androsaces at the Midland show, the Farrer medal plant was actually exhibited by Chris Lilley.

Contribution from Rick Lambert 24 April 2012, 20:25top / bottom of page

Thanks for the correction Paul and my apologies to Chris Lilley.

A. villosa

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