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Alpine Garden Society Online Show, 2017

Class 6: view of a multiple group of Alpine plants which are growing in a container, such as a trough or pot

Entries: 5
Entry by Chris Bowyer

A flowering plant of Helichrysum praecurrens growing through Delosperma nubigenum on the face of a sunny trough
Both plants are native of the Southern Drakensberg mountains of South Africa and have shared this trough for more than ten years

Entry by Raymond Hurd

Patio trough with a range of plants
This trough contents include Salix Boydii; Saxifraga Tumbling Waters; S. porophyllum Penelope; S.p. Myra; S.p. et al; Dwarf conifer; Delospermum nubigeum etc

Entry by Hilary Birks

Crassulaceae trough
In the trough are Sedum ewersii in flower, S. capablanca, Sempervivum ciliosum, and S. montanum

Entry by john lee

Saxifrage Dianthus Delosperma in Tufa in a trough

Entry by john dower


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