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Alpine Garden Society Online Show, 2017

Class 3: view of a grouping of Alpine plants in a garden setting shown for effective association of colour or foliage, brief description to be included

Entries: 9
Entry by Hilary Luker

Anemone robinsoniana,Erythronium 'White beauty', Brunnera Jack Frost,Muscari Valerie Finnis,Narcissus segovia

Entry by Raymond Hurd

Asiatic primulas in the bog garden fronted by Erigeron karvinskianus

Entry by Hilary Birks

Fiery oranges
Orange Lilium bulbiferum and Trollius chinensis, red Silene wilfordii, and white Chrysanthemum parthenium.


Alpine and peat bed view
Plants include trillium rivale, sessile and grandiflorum, shortia uniflora, erythronium pagoda, various anemone nemorosa, anemonella macrophylla, pulsatilla vulgaris, ranunculua, ipheon alberto castello and various primula.

Entry by Chris Bowyer

Late spring on a sunny rock garden

Peony tenuifolia in association with Erysimum variegated hybrid,Aciphylla aurea,Alyssum spinosum'Roseum',Helichrysum amorginum hybrids and Sedums

Entry by Theo Seminck

Pink and white
Aethionema armenum, olsynium junceum depauperatum and halimiocistus sahucii.

Entry by Peter Hood

In the Scree bed
Primula veris, Anemome nemorosa Robinsoniana, and Rhodiola rosea

Entry by Rudolf Weiss

A dry place under a big Chamaecyparis
Agave parryi, Yucca spec,Pterocactus tuberosus, Pelargonium endlicherianum,Eriogonum umbellatum and Sempervivum like this place

Entry by Roma Fiddes

Anemone nemorosa 'Kentish Pink' with a reddish purple Hellebore

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