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Alpine Garden Society Online Show, 2017

Class 92: rock plant native to Europe

Entries: 9
Entry by Zdenek Rehacek

Aster alpinus var. dolomiticus

Entry by Eberhard Proessdorf

Eryngium glaciale

Entry by Hilary Birks

Rhodiola rosea

Entry by philip walker

Iris babadagica

Judge's comment: Endemic to Baba Dag which is in the Asiatic transcaucasus rangeNAS (Not According to Schedule)
Entry by suzanne spells

Hepatica transylvanica

Entry by john dower

antirrhinum braun‑blanquetii

Entry by Theo Seminck

Saxifraga 'My friend' ?

Judge's comment: This is an S. x poluanglica hyb ( S 'Your Friend') (JA)NAS (Not According to Schedule)
Entry by john lee

Erinus alpinus on tufa rock

Entry by Jonny Karlsson

Leontopodium nivale ssp nivale

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