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Alpine Garden Society Online Show, 2016

Class 27: Compositae

Entries: 10
Entry by Fermi de Sousa

Haplopappus coronopifolius (syn. H. glutinosus)
Grown from seed from NZ in 2004 and planted in full sun, slowly spreading.

Entry by Flavien Feriolo

Achillea filipendulina

Judge's comment: Too close (nice bug!) (RD)
Entry by philip walker

Aster likiangensis

Entry by Peteris Petrovs

Erigeron chrysopsidis

Entry by Peter Hood

Jurinea cadmea

Entry by Kirsten Andersen

Erigeron 'Canary Bird'

Entry by Eberhard Proessdorf

Rhodanthemum catananche 'Tizi-n-tichka'

Entry by Raymond Hurd

Erigeron karvinskyana

Entry by Jonny Karlsson

Cremathodium sp. Ex. Szechuan Kina

Judge's comment: Cremanthodium rhodocephalum (JR)
Entry by Geir Moen

Rhodanthemum maresii

Judge's comment: Cant really see the foliage (RD)
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