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Alpine Garden Society Online Show, 2015

Class 89: rock plant native to Europe

Entries: 10
Entry by Paul Ranson

Iris pumila
Over 30 years old; was not repotted between 5th and 25th years but since it was has made up for lost time. Despite never being divided the centre remains as vigorous as the perimeter.


Potentilla neumaniana 'Nana'

Entry by Kirsten Andersen

Jankaea heldreichii

Entry by john lee

Geranium dalmaticum

Entry by Jonny Karlsson

Ranunculus parnassifolius x amplexicaulis

Entry by philip walker

Armeria juniperifolia

Entry by Roderick Woods

Crocus imperati

Entry by Hilary Birks

Primula auricula

Entry by Elizabeth Maddock

Eryngium bourgattii

Judge's comment: Not enough plant shown to judge effectively
Entry by Luc Gilgemyn

Lithodora zahnii
Fairly young plant, flowering profusely

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