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Alpine Garden Society Online Show, 2014

Class 3: view of a grouping of Alpine plants in a garden setting for effective association of colour or foliage, brief description to be included

Entries: 7
Entry by Anne Vale

The yellow ranuculus and blueness of the gentian make perfect partners for spring colour. Shown here on the scree by our pond.

Entry by Hilary Birks

Hot orange
Lilium bulbiferum combined with Trollius chinensis

Entry by Kirsten Andersen

Alpine plants
Different shades of pink: Daphne cneorum pygmae, D. cneorum variegata, D. x schlyterii, Aethionema glaucescens, Oxalis adenophylla and O. enneaphylla

Entry by Diane Lamplough

Sisyrinchum with two shades of Erinus alpina


Tufa and crevice bed
Flowering :Dactylorhiza foliosa ,Caltha scaposa ,Saponnaria x olivana ,Dianthus 'Eileen Lever ',Dianthus seedling

Entry by Luc Gilgemyn

Contrasting Gentiana clusii and Dianthus 'Conwy Silver'

Entry by Graham Catlow

Euphorbia rigida, E. myrsinites, Iris Sable, Pulsatilla Bleau Glocke, Abies koreana

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