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Alpine Garden Society Online Show, 2014

Class 17: Primula of Asiatic ancestry. Species or hybrid

Entries: 5
Entry by Paul Ranson

Primula bracteata ssp. bracteata x ssp. dubernadiana

Entry by peter rijntjes

Primula involucrata
seed sowing 2011 in Januari

Judge's comment: Now P.munroi (JR)
Entry by Peter Hood

Primula henrici (Primula bracteata Hort.)
This plant is one of the strain produced by crossing a plant ex ACE 1671 (previously primula bracteata bracteata) with a plant introduced by Holubec in 2002 (previously known as Primula bracteata dubernardiana).

Entry by Hilary Birks

Primula rosea


Primula 'Tantallon '
Growing outside in the peatbed

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