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Alpine Garden Society Online Show, 2013

Class 53: Saxifraga hybrid

Entries: 9
Entry by Palle Rasmussen

Saxifraga x marginata 'Bedrich Smetana'

Entry by Peter Hood

Saxifraga Coolock Gem

Entry by Kirsten Andersen

Sxifraga 'John Byam-Grounds'

Entry by Diane Lamplough

Saxifraga jenkinsae


Saxifraga 'Allendale Goblin '
This Saxifraga is more then 30 cm wide. It was planted in the rockgarden about 7 years ago.

Entry by Willem Van Kruijsbergen

Saxifraga 'Tenerife'

Entry by Elizabeth Maddock

Mossy Saxifrage
It has been growing for so long, I cannot remember its name. The coldness of the winter turned it a fiery red, which lasted months.

Entry by Mark Childerhouse

Saxifraga ?Peach Melba? - after flowering

Entry by Theo Seminck

Saxifraga x borisii 'Marianna'

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