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Alpine Garden Society Online Show, 2012

Class 7: rock plant not covered by any of the specialised classes

Entries: 10
Entry by Neil Hubbard

Pelargonium endlicherianum

Entry by Zdenek Rehacek

Asperula arcadiensis

Entry by philip walker

Armeria juniperifolia

Entry by Paul Ranson

Eritrichium nanum

Entry by Paul Lewis

Armeria juniperifolia
A five or six year old cushion of Armeria juniperifolia, displaying it's flower power.

Entry by Lionel Clarkson

Nototriche macleanii

Entry by Hilary Birks

Epilobium fleischeri

Entry by Michael and Caryl Baron

Geranium 'Ballerina'

Entry by Ken Curtis

Sphaeralcea caespitosa

Entry by Jon Evans

Hemerocallis middendorfii

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