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Alpine Garden Society Online Show, 2012

Class 6: any rock plant in flower

Entries: 9
Entry by Paul Ranson

Dionysia viscidula GW/H1305

Judge's comment: Wow!
Entry by Zdenek Rehacek

Dianthus alpinus 'Albus'

Entry by Paul Lewis

Linaria alpina
A pale yellow form of Linaria alpina flowering spendidly on the raised bed at the end of May 2012. This plant actually flowered itself to death but has seeded around the raised to contribute seedlings of no doubt varying hues!

Judge's comment: Not L. alpina. Probably L. supina hybrid?
Entry by Hilary Birks

Polemonium caeruleum

Entry by Michael and Caryl Baron

Eranthis hymalis 'Schwefelglanz'
Grows well and true from seed. Like most aconites it prefers to be divided after flowering.

Judge's comment: well flowered specimen
Entry by Elizabeth Maddock

Primula vulgaris 'Sibthorpii'
With a spontaneous flower of Hose-in hose

Entry by Martin Rogerson

Paeonia cambessedesii

Entry by Jon Evans

Helianthemum alpestre

Entry by Luc Gilgemyn

Alyssum oxycarpum

Judge's comment: great plant but past its best
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