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Alpine Garden Society Online Show, 2011

Class 56: miniature/dwarf Narcissus species

Entries: 6
Entry by Neil Hubbard

Narcissus romieuxii zaianicus
Sown September 2005

Judge's comment: Lovely pot full, even and well flowered good form
Entry by Michael and Caryl Baron

Narcissus jacetanus 'Lionel Bacon'
A form collected by the late Lionel Bacon many years ago. It grows well on chalky soils and is one of the earliest small trumpet narcissi to flower. The name has been registered with the RHS narcissus committee.

Entry by Fermi de Sousa

Narcissus cordubensis

Entry by Hilary Birks

Narcissus pallidus. Originated from Sognefjord where it is naturalised. Given to me by Ellen Schjølberg, wife of Per Wendelbo

Entry by Ian Tyrrell

Narcissus rupicola
One of very few Narcissus sp to survive last winter's devasting frosts in North Cumbria - at it's worst, minus 16 deg C for 7 days

Entry by Ian Tyrrell

Narcissus rupicola
One of the few species Narcissus to survive last winter's devastating frosts in North Cumbria, at its worst minus 16 deg C for 7 days

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