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Alpine Garden Society Online Show, 2011

Class 60: Iris

Entries: 14
Entry by Paul Ranson

Iris 'Katharine Hodgkin'

Judge's comment: I. Shela Ann Germany?
Entry by Fermi de Sousa

Reticulata Iris "Alida"

Entry by Eberhard Proessdorf

Iris iberica

Entry by Zdenek Rehacek

Iris 'Katharine Hodgkin'

Entry by Hilary Luker

Iris graeberiana

Judge's comment: The hybrid 'white falls' ? Not enough plant shown
Entry by Ron Mudd

Iris paradoxa

Judge's comment: Iris paradoxa forma choschab
Entry by Michael and Caryl Baron

Iris (white dwarf bearded)

Entry by Roma Fiddes

Iris 'Frank Elder'

Entry by Hilary Birks

Iris sibirica. Handsome in a woodland setting

Entry by Elizabeth Maddock

Iris Katherine Hodgkin
It must be confused by the weather, this was photographed on 22nd December 2011.

Entry by Luc Gilgemyn

Iris suaveolens

Entry by Isabel Jane Green

Iris attica

Entry by Neil Hubbard

Iris hyrcana

Entry by Martin Rogerson

Iris graeberiana

Judge's comment: The hybrid 'white falls' ?
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