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Alpine Garden Society Online Show, 2010

Class 80: Rhododendron

Entries: 8
Entry by Jim McGregor

Rhododendron keiskei 'Yaku Fairy'

Judge's comment: super plant but looks more like Rh. hanceanum nanum? Definitely not Rh. keiskei and if hanceanum nanum brilliantly flowered and sizeable plant. Could it be 'Chikor'? (See Bulletin Vol.60, No.3, p.253)
Entry by Roma Fiddes

Rhododendron 'Panda'

Entry by John Good

Rhododendron camtschaticum
This is a particularly good dark red form of this deciduous species which is easy to grow as long as the soil around the roots never dries out. It has a very long flowering period with a succession of blooms for at least six weeks in April/May and occasional flowers later.

Judge's comment: very impressive! Brilliant. Very difficult to flower to this extent.
Entry by Mel Linney

Rhododendron 'Patty Bee'

Entry by Russell Beeson

Rhododendron 'Ptarmigan'

Entry by Graham Catlow

Rhododendron campylogynum (leucanthum)

Entry by Hilary Birks

Rhododendron Egret

Entry by Luc Gilgemyn

Rhododendron yakushimanum

Judge's comment: as good as it gets! On the limits of size acceptability, but very impressive
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