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Alpine Garden Society On-line Show, 2009

Class 1: view of an Alpine bed in a garden setting (eg. scree, raised bed, rockery), brief description to be included

Entries: 11
Entry by Luc Scheldeman

Rockery mid april with bulbhouse at the back

Entry by Michael and Caryl Baron

Part of a raised bed frame
Jeffersonia dubia,Sanguinaria 'Paint Shop Double',Narcissus alpestris,Daphne blagayana and white primrose

Entry by Hilary Birks

Rock garden in western Norway
The foundation of the rockery was laid in 1986 and it has evolved continuously. Several of the plants were there at the beginning, like the dwarf Picea, Rhododendron Curlew and Primula auricula. The latest addition is the row of Meconopsis Lingholm along the back under the Nothofagus pumilio tree.

Entry by Elizabeth Maddock

A colourful view of the rock garden
Saxifrages and Tulips in flower with Erodium and Arabis foliage

Entry by Brian & Maureen Wilson

Raised bed, late April
Haberlea rhodopensis, Sorbus poteriifolia, Gypsophila 'Dorothy Teacher' (in bud), Juniperus communis compressa et al. Elsewhere visible: Androsace sempervivoides, Helichrysum coralloides, Hutchinsia alpina, Arabis sp., Erinus alpinus, Dicentra sp., Penstemon sp., Clematis montana 'Elizabeth'.

Judge's comment: Lovely setting, bed very small. would like to see more of the beds thro' the garden gate as well as a closer view of the trough plantings, raised bed, paving etc. delightful garden setting.
Entry by john lee

Tufa feature with sempervivum trough,Iris ensata and Gypsophila Dorothy Teacher to the rear.

Entry by Luc Gilgemyn

East facing slope
East facing slope, constructed with ardenner lime stone, against the back wall of the house. Flowering : Dianthus monspessulanus and D. "Feuer Hexe", Ptilotricum spinosum, Erigeron "Canary bird", Ranunculus gramineus, Chiastophyllum oppositifolium, Saxifraga "White Hill", etc... Some dwarf conifers (Abies koreana "Oberon", Abies procera "Blaue Hexe" and juniperis communis compressa) providing some height and Winter interest

Entry by Theo Seminck

Tulipa, lavandula, daphne and ipheion

Judge's comment: a very small part of what looks like and interesting rock garden.
Entry by Diane Clement

Winter garden
A raised bed planted for winter interest with Eranthis, Hellebores, Galanthus and Cyclamen coum. The cyclamen and eranthis are seeding around.

Entry by Matic Sever

South facing rock garden on lime stone.

Entry by John FRESHWATER

My Alpine Garden Now Nearly 2 Years Old
Created from a weedy, N-E facing slope in Spring 2008. Deeply dug and with 50% limestone chips added. Nearly all of the plants were from 11cm pot size and have done so well, that thining out is urgently needed !

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