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Alpine Garden Society On-line Show, 2009

Class 59: Crocus

Entries: 13
Entry by Simon Cross

Crocus banaticus albus

Entry by Michael and Caryl Baron

Crocus goulimyi Mani White
Increases rapidly in a trough

Entry by David Nicholson

Crocus speciosus 'Oxonian'

Entry by Gail Harland

Crocus laevigatus 'Fontenayi'
The best garden crocus; it starts flowering in November here and keeps pushing up blooms until spring.

Entry by john lee

Crocus tournefortii

Entry by Fermi de Sousa

Crocus goulimyi

Entry by Eric Locke


Entry by Luc Gilgemyn

Crocus vernus "Haarlem Gem"

Entry by Hans Achilles

Crocus hyemalis
an autumn/winter flowering Crocus from Israel

Entry by Don Peace

Crocus medius

Entry by Hilary Birks

Crocus vernus
Brought to Bergen in 18th century from Holland and well established in a garden of that period

Entry by Diane Clement

Crocus x reticulatus Ego

Entry by John Dixon

Crocus vernus ssp albiflorus
seed from Gothenberg Botanic Garden (HZ00.45) sown 7/3/00.

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