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Alpine Garden Society On-line Show, 2008

Class 86: rock plant grown from seed by the exhibitor. Date of sowing to be stated. Botanical notes allowed

Entries: 9
Entry by Elizabeth Maddock

Cyclamen africanum
Sown 10th March 2003

Entry by Ian Instone

Tuberaria guttata spotted rockrose

Seed sown Sept 2007. Grows on craggy outcrops in N Wales very close to the sea.

Entry by Brian & Maureen Wilson

Briggsia speciosa X B. aurantiaca
Own hybrid, sown 2000. Interestingly, neither species is hardy, but the hybrid has survived outdoors, unprotected since first flowering in 2002.

Entry by Ian Tyrrell

Cyclamen coum fm pallidum 'Album'
Plain leaf variant, magenta basal markings. Sown mid-2003. Although all the plants from this sowing have unmarked leaves, the colour varies from light to dark green.

Entry by Hilary Birks

Saxifraga cymbalarifolia
Sown in August 2007

Entry by Rudolf Weiss

Calceolaria teucrioides F&W 11440
Sown at 1.February 2oo8 from AGS seeds.

Entry by Martin Rogerson

Primula forrestii
sown 14/2/99

Entry by Dave Toole

corydalis solida
Raised from NARGS seed as Corydalis solida george baker.Sown Feb 2006.

Entry by Duncan Gates

Cyclamen colchicum
Seed from Cyclamen Society seed exchange. Sown October 2003

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