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Alpine Garden Society On-line Show, 2008

Class 83: rock plant grown for foliage effect

Entries: 8
Entry by Graham Catlow

Podophylum delavayi

Entry by Elizabeth Maddock

Cyclamen Hederifolium, Silver leaved

Entry by Theo Seminck

Cerastium candidissimum
A well behaving snow-in-summer.

Entry by john lee

Hebe James Stirling

Entry by Hilary Birks

Matteucia struthiopteris
In the first warm weather of spring, this fern unfolds before your eyes; from curly crosiers to lime-green shuttlecocks, to feathery ferns.

Entry by Roma Fiddes

Cyclamen mirabile

Entry by Martin Rogerson

Sedum spinosum

Entry by Luc Gilgemyn

x Hepatica nobilis

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