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Alpine Garden Society On-line Show, 2008

Class 61: Lilliaceae, excl.Calochortus, Erythronium, Fritillaria, Tulipa

Entries: 7
Entry by Peter Prazak

Lilium mackliniae
I planted this bulb many years ago and due to extended drought it never got enough growth to flower. This year we had a bit more percipitation and it flowered for the first time in early November. The flower was approx 50 cm high and 3cm across and has a pink splash on the back of all the petals. Regards Peter

Entry by Hilary Birks

Paradisea liliastrum

Entry by Isabel Jane Green

Colchicum 'Rosy Dawn'

Entry by Martin Rogerson

Bulbinella hookeri

Entry by Graham Catlow

Lilium nanum Bhutan

Entry by David Nicholson

Lilium pumilum

Entry by Diane Clement

Cardiocrinum cordatum

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