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Alpine Garden Society On-line Show, 2008

Class 25: Caryophyllaceae

Entries: 9
Entry by Rob Amos

Gypsophila Aretorides

Entry by Graham Catlow

Dianthus 'Whatfield Magenta'

Entry by Georgina Instone

Dianthus microlepis (Pirin)

Entry by Ian Tyrrell

Dianthus 'Eileen Lever'

Entry by Franz Hadacek


Ideal for stone trough.

Entry by john lee

Dianthus Eileen Lever

Entry by Hilary Birks

Gypsophila cerastoides

Entry by Martin Rogerson

Gypsophila aretoides caucasica

Entry by Luc Gilgemyn

Gypsophila repens "Dorothy Teacher"

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