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Alpine Garden Society On-line Show, 2007

Class 60: Iris

Entries: 9
Entry by Geir Moen

Iris taurica
syn. Iris pumila ssp. taurica

Entry by anthony duffey

iris california hybrid.
seed from ags distribution sown 2003

Entry by Ian Tyrrell

Iris reichenbachiana

Entry by Elizabeth Maddock

Iris Reticulata

Entry by Simon Shepherd

Iris Reticulate 'Harmony'

Entry by Eberhard Proessdorf

Iris rosenbachiana

Entry by Lesley Cox

Iris barbatula
This plant is growing in a raised bed with gritty, well-drained compost, moisture-retentive. It was photographed in early December 2007, near Dunedin, New Zealand

Entry by Michael and Caryl Baron

Iris bucharica

Entry by Martin Rogerson

Iris Katherine Hodgkin

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